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ADAM,P. L'Humanisme a Selestat. L'École, les humanistes, la bibliothèque. 2e édition. Sélestat, Imprimerie Alastia Selestat, 1967. 103 p., 12 plates, illustrations. Paperback 24 cm (See Wikipedia: 'Humanist Library of Sélestat'. There we read: 'Beatus Rhenanus bequeathed his entire private library to his home city of Sélestat. This library contained about 670 bound leather volumes at the time of this death in 1547, which Rhenanus had collected during his studies and his work in Strasbourg, Basel, Paris and Sélestat. Even at that time, the library was of inestimable value, since books were only published in small numbers of copies and they were extremely expensive. The library of Beatus Rhenanus is the only larger Humanist library preserved virtually intact. Other large libraries, such as those of Erasmus von Rotterdam or Johannes Reuchlin, were scattered after the deaths of their owners. The Library of Beatus Rhenanus was inscribed in the UNESCO's Memory of the World Register in 2011)
Book number: 154638 Euro 12.00

Keywords: Beatus Rhenanus, Deutsche Geschichte, French history, Humanismus, Renaissance, Selestat/Schlettstadt, franzöische Geschichte, history of classical philology, humanism
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