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WASSENBERGH,E. Bibliotheca Wassenberghiana, sive catalogus librorum qui studiis inservierunt viri clarissimi Everwini Wassenberghii, ordinis Leonis Belgici Equitis, Ling. gr. et antiq. gr. et ling. belg. in Academia Franekerana professoris quondam ordinarii. Quorum publica fiet distractio per Petrum den Hengst et filium, Bibliopolas Amstelaedamenses, Franekerae in aedibus defuncti, die 9 Junii sqq. MDCCCXXVIII, hora decima antemeridiana et tertia pomeridiana. Franeker (Franekerae), 1828. 4to. 205,(1 blank) p. 20th century plain cloth. 24 cm (Details: A few prices written in the margins) (Condition: Back and upper part of the frontcover faded. First and last leaf browning. 1 centimeter at the upper and lower edge of the title cut off, without loss of text. The title leaf, which was originally the frontcover and was once detached, has been reattached with a strip of paper) (Note: The Dutch classical scholar Everwijn (Everwinus) Wassenbergh, 1742-1826, was born in Lekkum, a little village just north of Leeuwarden. He studied Greek at the University of Franeker under the genius L.C. Valckenaer, who twice succeeded as professor of Greek T. Hemsterhuis, first at Franeker (1741), and later at Leiden (1766). Wassenbergh followed Valckenaer to Leiden, to finish his studies. In 1767 he was called to Deventer to teach Greek, Latin and Rhetoric as professor at the Athenaeum. In 1771 he was appointed professor of Greek at the University of Franeker. From 1790 he also lectured on Dutch language and literature. The University of Franeker was closed down during the French occupation period, but was reopened as an Athenaeum in 1815. Wassenbergh may be considered to be one of the last members of the 'Schola Hemsterhusiana', a movement which strove to revive Greek studies in the Netherlands. Wassenbergh was not only a classicist, but also published important works on Dutch and Frisian language and literature. In the Netherlands he is still remembered as the translator of the 'Lives of Plutarchus', 'De levens van Doorluchtige Grieken en Romeinen, onderling vergeleeken', Amsterdam 1789-1820. Wassenbergh died in Franeker on the 3rd of december of 1826. One and a half year later his books were auctioned in his own house. The auction lasted 6 days. The catalogue lists 414 folio volumes and 1040 quarto volumes. 2768 volumes were octavo or smaller) (Collation: pi2, A-2A4 (last leaf blank)) (Photographs on request)
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Keywords: (Oude Druk), (Rare Books), Altertum, Altertumswissenschaft, Antike, Antiquity, Dutch imprints, Franeker, Geschichte der klassischen Philologie, Valckenaer, Wassenbergh, ancient history, classical philology, history of classical scholarship
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