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AGRICOLA,R. Rudolph Agricola: Letters. Edited and translated, with notes by Adrie van der Laan & Fokke Akkerman. Assen, Royal Van Gorcum, Tempe, Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2002. X,435 p. Cloth. 24.5 cm (Bibliotheca Latinitatis Novae)
Book number: 157670 Euro 52.00

Keywords: Biographie, Briefe, Correspondence, Epistulae, Humanismus, Letters, Neolatin, Neulatein, biography, humanism

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AGRICOLA,R.- AKKERMAN,F. & A.J. VANDERJAGT. (Eds.) Rodolphus Agricola Phrisius, 1444-1485. Proceedings of the International Conference at the University of Groningen, 28-30 October 1985. Edited by F. Akkerman and A.J. Vanderjagt. Leiden etc., E.J. Brill, 1988. XVI,358 p. Cloth. 25 cm (Brill's Studies in Intellectual History, 6) (Including dustjacket. Small stamp on the title page)
Book number: 157665 Euro 70.00

Keywords: Friesland, Frisia, Geschichte der klassischen Philologie, Groningen, Humanismus, history of classical scholarship, humanism

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AGRICOLA,R.- HUISMAN,G.C. Rudolph Agricola. A bibliography of printed works and translations. Nieuwkoop, De Graaf Publishers, 1985. XIV,262 p., illustrations. Cloth. 24.5 cm (Bibliotheca Bibliographica Neerlandica XX)
Book number: 157666 Euro 32.00

Keywords: Bibliographie, Geschichte der klassischen Philologie, Groningen, Humanismus, bibliography, history of classical scholarship, humanism

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AGRICOLA,R.- LAAN,A.H. VAN DER. Anatomie van een taal. Rodolphus Agricola en Antonius Liber aan de wieg van het humanistisch Latijn in de Lage Landen (1469-1485). N.pl., 1998. VI,460 p. Stiff wrappers. 23.5 cm (Dissertation, University Groningen)
Book number: 157667 Euro 24.00

Keywords: Bibliographie, Geschichte der klassischen Philologie, Groningen, Humanismus, Low Countries, Neolatin, Netherlands, Neulatein, Niederlanden, bibliography, history of classical scholarship, humanism

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AGRICOLA,R.- VELDEN,H.E.J.M. VAN DER. Rudolphus Agricola (Roelof Huusman), een Nederlandsch humanist der vijftiende eeuw. Eerste gedeelte. Leiden, Nijhoff, (1911). 257 p. Wrs. 25 cm (Diss., trade edition)
Book number: 105704 Euro 39.00

Keywords: Altertum, Antike, Antiquity, Geschichte der klassischen Philologie, Humanismus, Renaissance, The Netherlands, die Niederlande, history of classical scholarship, humanism

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ANDERSON,D. Before the knight's tale. Imitation of classical epic in Boccaccio's Teseida. Philadelphia, Univ. of Pennsylvania Press, (1988). XIII,269 p. Cl.
Book number: 071885 Euro 28.00

Keywords: Altertum, Antike, Antiquity, Boccaccio, Dichtkunst, Epik, Nachleben, Poesie, Renaissance, Rezeption, epic, epos, poetry, reception

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AONIUS PALEARIUS VERULANUS. De animorum immortalitate libri III. Introduction and text by D. SACRÉ. Brussel, Paleis der Academiën, 1992. 154 p. Stiff wrs. 26 cm (VKAWLSK)
Book number: 115047 Euro 35.00

Keywords: Antike, Antike, Antiquity, Antonio della Pagliara, Humanismus, Neolatin, Neulatein, Philosophie, Renaissance, Verulis, humanism, philosophy

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ARENS,J.C. Philalethes. Van Mapheus Vegius tot Jan van den Berghe. Utrecht, Dekker & v.d.Vegt, 1967. 15 p. Wrs. (Inaug. lect.)
Book number: 064528 Euro 5.00

Keywords: Altertum, Antike, Antiquity, Mapheus Vegius, Nachleben, Philalethes, Rezeption, reception

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ARISTOTELES.- JONGKEES,J.H. Fulvio Orsini's imagines and the portrait of Aristotle. Groningen, Wolters, 1960. 43 p., 8 pls. Wrs. (Archaeologica Traiectina, 4)
Book number: 070799 Euro 9.00

Keywords: Altertum, Antike, Antiquity, Aristoteles, Aristotle, Fulvius Orsinus, Nachleben, Renaissance, Rezeption, reception

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BACON, FRANCIS. Ireneo o dei gradi di unità nella Città de Dio. A cura di Enrico De Mas. Tirrenia, Edizioni del Cerro, 1990. XL,99 p. Paperback. 21 cm (Eirenikon, collana di testi irenici ed ecomenici (secc. XVI-XVIII), no. 1)
Book number: 155751 Euro 9.00

Keywords: Humanismus, Renaissance, humanism

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BIANCHI,M.L. Natura e sovrannatura nella filosofia tedesca della prima età moderna. Parcelsus, Weigel, Böhme. Firenze, Olschki, 2011. VI,404 p. Stiff wrappers 24 cm (Lessico Intellettuale Europeo 112)
Book number: 116448 Euro 33.00

Keywords: Böhme, German philosophy, Humanismus, Parcelsus, Renaissance, Weigel, deutsche Philosophie, humanism

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BIBLIOTHEQUE NATIONALE.- Trésors des bibliothèques d'Italie, IVe-XVIe siècles. Paris, 1950. (181) p., 24 plates. Wrappers. 21 cm
Book number: 153290 Euro 18.00

Keywords: Bibliothek, Palaeographie, library, palaeography

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BIOW,D. The culture of cleanliness in Renaissance Italy. Ithaca, Ldn., Cornell Univ. Press, 2006. XIX,244 p. Cl. 24 cm
Book number: 108013 Euro 25.00

Keywords: Italien, Italy, Renaissance

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BOCCACCIO.- Boccace en France. De l'humanisme à l'érotisme. Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, 1975. XV,115 p., ills. Wrappers 24 cm (Exhibition catalogue)
Book number: 105856 Euro 21.00

Keywords: France, Frankreich, French history, French history, Humanismus, Italian, Italienische Literatur, Renaissance, humanism, literature

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BOLGAR,R.R. The classical heritage and its beneficiaries. (From the carolingian age to the end of the renaissance). Cambridge, CUP, 1977. Paperback 21.5 cm (Used, binding scuffed, and worn at the extremes. Back faded. A small and faint, and almost invisible waterstain at the right lower corner) (Including a long appendix on Greek MSS in Italy; and a long appendix with translations of the Greek and Roman classical authors before 1600)
Book number: 155134 Euro 10.00

Keywords: Humanismus, Middle Ages, Mittelalter, Mittellatein, humanism, medieval Latin, medieval literature, mittellateinische Literatur

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BROUWERS,L. Carolus Scribani S.J., 1561-1629. Een groot man van de Contra-Reformatie in de Nederlanden. Antwerpen, Uitgave van het Ruusbroec-Genootschap, 1961. XXIII,583,(7) p. Cloth 25 cm
Book number: 154645 Euro 20.00

Keywords: Dutch history, Humanismus, humanism, niederländische Geschichte, reformation

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BRUCKER,G. Giovanni and Lusanna. Love and marriage in Renaissance Florence. Ldn., Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1986. X,138 p., ills. Cl. 22 cm (Incl. dustjacket)
Book number: 108044 Euro 19.00

Keywords: Ehe, Firenze, Florence, Recht, Renaissance, law, marriage

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BRUNO, GIORDANO. Zwiegespräche vom unendlichen All und den Welten. Verdeutscht und erläutert von Ludwig Kuhlenbeck. Darmstadt, Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1968. LXXII,238 p. Cloth. 18.5 cm (Reprint 2nd edition, Jena 1904) (In Gothic script)
Book number: 157787 Euro 24.00

Keywords: Dialog, Dialogue, Giordano Bruno, Humanismus, Monism, Monismus, Philosophie, Renaissance, humanism, philosophy

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BRUNO,GIORDANO.- MICHEL,P.H. The cosmology of Giordano Bruno. Ithaca, New York, etc., Cornell University Press, 1973. 306 p. Cloth. 21.5 cm (Original title 'La cosmologie de Giordano Bruno', Paris 1962)
Book number: 157839 Euro 30.00

Keywords: Humanismus, Kosmologie, Philosophie, Renaissance, cosmology, humanism, philosophy

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BUCHELIUS, ARNOLDUS. Diarium van Arend van Buchell. Uitgegeven door G. Brom en L.A. van Langeraad. Amsterdam, Johannes Müller, 1907. CIII,574 p. Wrappers. 23 cm (Introduction of 103 pages) (This latin diary, from 1566 till 1590, was first published in 1907. It is a 'Commentarius rerum quotidianarum, in quo, praeter itinera diversarum regionum, urbium, oppidorumque situs, antiquitates, principes, instituta, mores, multa eorum quae tam inter publicos quam privatos contingere solent, occurrent exempla') (See Wikipedia's article 'Aernout van Buchel') (Back broken several times. Frontcover loose, its edges are chipping. Title page foxed. Interior OK)
Book number: 157693 Euro 40.00

Keywords: Buchel, Aernout van., Buchelius, Arnoldus, Buchell, Aernout van., Dutch history, Humanismus, Low Countries, Netherlands, Niederlanden, humanism, niederländische Geschichte

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